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New York Outrigger is always promoting and cataloging the Liberty World Outrigger Competition through a variety of media. In addition to our image and video galleries, this year we are taking advantage of the connectivity of mobile devices as a new means of distributing information. By signing up, you can receive up-to-the-minute information about the race. Come race day, you can even keep up with the status of the races as they happen. All of this can now be sent directly to your mobile hand held device or computer.

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Mobile Updates

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Image Gallery

View photos from the 2008 Liberty World Outrigger Competition.

View photos from previous Liberty competitions.
Liberty World Outrigger Competition Photo Gallery.

Video Gallery

New York Outrigger and the Liberty World Outrigger Competition was recently featured on the Sportsnet New York series Street Games. It not only gives you a taste of the race itself but also a bit of how the traditional sport of outrigger canoeing has adapted and flourished in Manhattan and the East Coast.

For the full episode, go to the SNY Street Games Website and select “Episode 7: October 25, 2007” and watch both parts.


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