Boathouse Closed due to Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Prep

The Hudson River Park and the Pier 66 Boathouse has been closed until further notice.

There is no access to the boathouse or the dock until the Park deems it safe to do so.

As of this morning’s high tide, the Hudson River was already washing over the seawall by the boathouse. With this evening’s high tide around 9PM coupled with what is expected to be a 6-11 foot storm surge and 40mph winds will make the area around the boathouse extremely dangerous and very likely to flood. Please note that the boathouse is in Zone A which currently has a mandatory evacuation order in place.

The Krevey, Malolo and Pua Pana were moved into the boathouse, unrigged and strapped together. Ahinhina Lapu is currently stowed in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Kikaha in Hampton Bays has been taken off the beach and brought inland and onto higher ground.

Please stay safe. We will give more information as it becomes available on this website as well as through our Facebook and Twitter sites.

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