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NYO Website

The New York Outrigger Web Development Team is proud to announce our newest websites and social networks.

The new NYO website has updated information on our latest programs, the archives of the entire history of New York Outrigger as well as connections to our new social media networks. On this website, learn more about the history of the club, our canoes, and the sport in the ABOUT section. Our new outreach programs and special events are all conveniently located in the OUTREACH tab. We have spun out the LIBERTY page into its own stand alone website that is branded separately from NYO. Catch up on all of the latest news on our new BLOG. See what you will get if you join New York Outrigger by reviewing the MEMBERS tab. NOVICES can learn everything about the Novice Program as well as sign up on the pre-registration survey in its own section. Learn everything about our new offerings with descriptions of all of our TRAINING practices to determine which one best fits your goals. See our entire SCHEDULE which is synced with our new Meetup calendar where you can easily RSVP for any of the set events. Our entire NYO Archive of PHOTOS via our Flickr Galleries are now easily accessible. Check our our new VIDEOS page which links directly to our NYO Channel on YouTube. Finally, the CONTACTS page allows the public to easily ask us any questions and all the information they need to find us.

You will notice our sidebar has many features as well including links directly to all of NYO’s Social Media networks including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Meetup and our RSS Feed. Go to the SOCIAL MEDIA page for a detailed explanation of how all of these functions work. Also on the sidebar is a link to all of our PRESS over the years. You will also notice all of our latest tweets are listed from our Twitter feed. Our most recent posts are easily accessible. A sign-up for the Novice Newsletter is available on the sidebar. Finally, all of our posts are organized by topic and by date so you can access information more easily.

The goal of this website and our social media networks is to make information more easily accessible to everyone and to bring New York Outrigger into the newest and latest technologies of social networking. The NYO Web Development Team will host an orientation presenting the functionality of our new website and all of our social networks in the near future.

The NYO Web Development team is lead by long-time NYO member Alla Gringaus ( and soon-to-be-convinced NYO member Elena Gartshtein ( We could not have imagined the possibilities we have achieved without their vast professional knowledge coupled with their dedication to NYO to make this happen. These websites are the result of their tireless work over the past several months. New York Outrigger is forever grateful for their efforts.

Current NYO members Keith Tsang and Brent Beck guided the overall design, graphic look, organization of information and writing/editing of all the content for both sites.

These websites are the culmination of over six months of work which included 6-hour marathon development meetings after their day jobs. Spousal feelings were sacrificed as well as many hours of sleep and weekend time. The four of us fought and pushed each other beyond our comfort zones but we feel the result is beyond what any of us could have imagined on our own.

While the sites are now launched, the work will continue to refine and retune as needed over the next few months. We are looking for people to contribute to building the content of the site further. We want your photos on the site. We need people to write articles about issues or events related to outrigger paddling. We need your voice. This site is about collecting information with constant updates so you, and others in the community, can use it as a resource and continue to visit. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing.

Please look around and explore. Kick the tires and check under the hood. There’s a lot to see. And, as always, let us know what you think! (Effusive praise will be well-received.)

NYO Web Development Team


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