October Member of the Month: Angela Allmond

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Our October Member of the Month is Angela Allmond! Read on to learn more about our fabulous and very special Ms. October.

Salem says:

We know Angela loves paddling. Many of us know she also drives a lot and some of us know she actually loves to drive. When I needed road trip advice for the best route to pick up my new OC1 in Florida, I turned to Angela. It’s this kind of overall support that makes her a community builder. Trust me, when you’re on a loooooong road trip by yourself, an insiders tip on where to get a great milkshake in Virginia really keeps you going. Angela, Thanks for all you do to get folks into outrigger canoes! I made it Florida, and I got into mine. Then I had the chocolate shake. 😎

Here’s what Laura has to say about Angela:

Angela makes me smile! Novice sessions, board work, club planning, paddling—she’s there, a reliable force that New York Outrigger knows and loves. When all the “glamorous” work is done—she’ll be the one taking on those nitty gritty tasks that others would rather not do…and she’ll do it with a smile on her face. Her helpful and enthusiastic nature is a constant (hello Southern hospitality!), and she embodies the phrase ‘look for that silver lining.’ I greatly admire Angela for all she has done for the club, and all she continues to do even while she is away rocking it on her dissertation. On top of her hard work, Angela is a great friend to boot, and a joy to spend time with. Oh – and If you haven’t heard about the importance of sweet tea or Denzel Washington, I suggest you ask her! We miss you, Angela!!

Name: Angela Allmond

Hometown: Wherever I am these days…I’m a somewhat reluctant nomad. Otherwise, born in Chattanooga, TN and have called NY, VA, TX, Paris and Southern England home

Occupation: lifetime doctoral candidate 😛… art educator… in between careers… planning on defending my dissertation and actually earning the title of Dr. Angela soon (this semester)

How long have you been with NYO? How did you get into paddling?
Since 2010. I was looking for some way to spend time on the Hudson River and saw a story about NYO on a morning NY1 news piece. I emailed about participating in a novice session within 30 minutes of seeing that tv spot. My first session got me addicted and I haven’t looked back! Not that it was easy learning the skills to paddle well…it took some time, but the time was worth it!

NYO roles:
For years, I’ve just been a regular member, pitching in whenever possible. This past year, I took on the role of Director at Large on the board so that I could do what I can to support the club

Besides paddling, what else do you do with NYO?
Eat, apple picking, cleaning, organizing

Tell us about any notable races with NYO:
I haven’t raced in awhile, but my first summer at NYO I raced with other growth paddlers in two races…Washington Monumental and the Kent Island race. Both were fun and exhilarating experiences, but the Kent Island race was a game changer for me. The race took place the day after a hurricane rolled through the mid-Atlantic region, so the water was crazy choppy! As I said, it was my first full season as an NYO member and I was a novice in the canoe! Thanks to Jason and Keith’s coaching and the camaraderie of a great group of fellow growth members, I decided to brave the challenge of a ten mile race. I had never paddled 10 miles straight before…only five…and I wasn’t sure I could actually paddle 10 miles without stopping. Turns out, I could! That accomplish in my first year of paddling convinced me that I could do almost anything.

If you could say one thing to newcomers interested in paddling or joining NYO, what would it be?
Paddling on the Hudson with NYO adds new friends and new challenges and new accomplishments. There is no other place I’d rather be in NYC than paddling on the Hudson with my friends/family NYO. The Hudson is the hippest/coolest/most peaceful ‘neighborhood’ in Manhattan!

Greatest accomplishment in an OC:
Paddling to Staten Island twice!!

When you’re not out on the water paddling, where are we most likely to find you? At school working in the studio or writing my dissertation

Something we don’t know about you: I went from a Chemistry major my first year in college to a B.S. in Fashion and somehow became an art teacher…not the straightest line to a doctorate degree in Art Education

Hidden talent: I have a pretty solid eye for hanging pictures on a wall using an imaginary straight line…truth! I helped to hang about 50 framed photos at an orphanage in China. I was the ‘measuring eye’ while another volunteer used a hammer and nail to hang the work. The next day we measured the distances between the two types of frames and they were all within one centimeter’s accuracy of either 2 or 4 inch distances between frames and all on a straight line!

Favorite post-paddle meal:
Homemade biscuits and pork tenderloin fillets—fast and delicious!

Most important item you carry with you into the canoe:
My water bottle!

Favorite show to binge watch:
Too many to name…whatever’s next on the recommended list…lots of British and Australian/New Zealand shows like 800 Words, Vera, Jack Irish…

Last picture you took on your phone:
Dissertation stuff, believe it or not…it has consumed my life!!

Last concert you went to:
it’s been awhile 🙂

Favorite quote:
“Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Your spirit animal:

If you could have one superpower, what would it be:
To write a fabulous dissertation overnight!!!

Secret guilty pleasure:
going to a movie by myself in the middle of the afternoon

Favorite place in the world:
Sitting in one of the comfy chairs around the fountain in the Palais Royale garden in Paris

Best place you’ve traveled to:
Bellagio, Italy on Lake Como

A great paddle makes you feel:
Happy, exhilarated, energized, connected…

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