About NYO

President's Statement

Welcome to New York Outrigger.  We are a community of dedicated and inspired paddlers living in New York City.  Our goal is to provide New Yorkers with a unique opportunity to experience their city through its waterways.  As a volunteer-driven, 501(c)(3) non-profit we strive to educate New Yorkers about outrigger canoe paddling and its roots in Polynesian culture.

As a community NYO comprises a diverse group of people.  Our interests and backgrounds are as varied as the city we call home.  From Ironman triathletes to recreational paddlers, NYO runs the gambit.  Our diversity allows for an exciting and dynamic group whose camaraderie is derived from a shared love of paddling and being on the water.

The diversity of our organization is also on display in our educational initiatives.  NYO realizes its educational commitment through various outreach programs.  From providing instruction at our Novice Sessions, to facilitating teamwork exercises for community groups, NYO members are able to share their passionate enthusiasm for canoe paddling.  Our outreach initiatives engage New Yorkers in a variety of ways and provide a rewarding opportunity for our membership to give back to their city.

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