Free Novice Sessions

Novice Program Introduction


New York Outrigger was founded with the mission to educate and encourage residents to explore the waters surrounding New York. Manhattan is an island after all and we want to provide you with an opportunity to experience it from an exciting new perspective.

Our local waterways have played an important historic role in the life of the City as our global lifeline to the rest of the world. The first experiences of many of the people who came to inhabit the area over the last few centuries were likely to have been from the water. Locally, however, it was seen as an impediment. The rivers and bays became something that we had to bridge over, tunnel under, or fill in…the water was something that we had to avoid at all costs. That all changed in the last 30 years with a push to restore the natural health and beauty of our surrounding waters. We are seeing the water in a new light. A new string of parks have developed around our shores which, for the first time in centuries, provide residents access to the water. New York Outrigger is proud to be one of the first organizations to provide recreational opportunities along our rediscovered waterfront.

The sport of outrigger paddling and racing developed from the seafaring traditions of the Pacific. It involved each and every member of the canoe to work together as a whole in order to survive. Their success formed a much needed social network amongst a group of isolated communities. The essence of outrigger paddling carries to this day that same sense of respect and cooperation with others. New York is known for its many diverse communities and we see outrigger paddling as a means to bring many of them together.

New York Outrigger is located in the Pier 66 Boathouse in Hudson River Park. We offer our free Novice Sessions most weekends from late-Spring to early-Fall to Tri-State residents to rediscover our shoreline and to meet many of the diverse people that make up our City. To join us on the water, please read through our Program Description and register for a novice session through our Meetup site.

You can find the most current news on our sessions on the NYO Novice Facebook page. Hope to see you out on the water soon!