New York Outrigger was founded with the mission to teach the history, sport and culture of outrigger canoe paddling. Since 1996, NYO has actively fulfilled our mission through various outreach programs. As a result we have afforded thousands of New Yorkers the opportunity to experience their city through its waterways.

Our longest running and by far most successful program is our Novice sessions. These sessions run from early spring until late fall and are open to all New Yorkers. The Novice program is completely free of charge and as a result serves a diverse cross section of the city.

In addition to the Novice sessions, NYO has identified the need for programs specifically tailored to the unique requirements of certain community groups. Through our Nonprofit Partnerships, NYO is able to work with other organizations to create a specific program for their clients. These programs are provided at no cost to the participating nonprofit.  We are especially excited to work with nonprofits who focus on underserved segments within our community.

Along with nonprofits we also work with companies to create Special Events, such as corporate challenges for their employees. These events can be single or multiple days in duration, with both water and land components.  We can incorporate team building and leadership exercises into the event, depending on the comapny’s needs.

NYO’s commitment to educational outreach is at the core of who we are as an organization. It is through our outreach programs that the whole of New York City becomes part of our community.