Social Media Guidelines

Our idea behind social media is to create a uniform way for New York Outrigger to strengthen our connections with other paddlers, fans and key influencers, basically implementing the “one voice among all” concept. We wanted to be successful in social media in order to build better relationships with our audience. Our peers, fans and friends have the opportunity to like content, tweet, blog, upload pictures, comment on videos, join meetups. New York Outrigger is a really good example of a sport organization with an effective and well defined social media strategy.

Our Social Media Strategy

  • a platform to amplify our messages
  • helps us know where our potential members, sponsors and competitors are
  • creates conversations with our peers, fans, press
  • makes us seen as a leader in the outrigger sport communities


New York Outrigger Facebook Page gives us a voice and enables us to join the conversation with fans and followers. By ‘Liking’ NYO Facebook page, people share the content they find interesting on their own networks of friends, and stay connected to what they care about. We hope to create a more dynamic relationship with our fans, sponsors, partners and other outrigger teams around the world who are also passionate about the sport.



Different people are interested in different parts of your business. Whether it’s special events, updates, practice sessions, links, photos – even talking face-to-face with groups via easy-to-use video chat – Google+ lets you easily share the right things with the right people.


@NYOutrigger Twitter account contains information you may find valuable. If you choose to follow us, @NYOutrigger messages will show up on your Twitter feed for you to read. “It’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting – you can discover news as it’s happening”, Twitter says.  Learn more about events and outrigger topics that are important to you, and get the inside scoop in real time.


Flickr - Send Your pics, too