New York Outrigger strives to create a safe environment for training to allow all of our members to develop into safe, competent and experienced paddlers. As a group, we want to promote the sport of outrigger canoeing in New York City with integrity, goodwill and competitive team spirit while bringing community pride to our surrounding waters. It is our hope that in creating strong paddlers, we also create strong leaders who, in turn, will enhance not only NYO but also the local community.


Our paddlers represent a true cross-section of New York City and with that diverse membership comes a diverse set of expectations. Ranging from recreational paddlers to the competitive athlete, New York Outrigger has a seat for everyone. Our GROWTH PROGRAM focuses on basic technique and drills so those with less than two years of experience can get familiar with all the seats in the canoe. For those with a more competitive spirit, our RACE PROGRAM was created to develop the physical and mental conditioning required to perform at your maximum ability when it is needed the most. Our new CORE OC PROGRAM teaches advanced skills and practical application for long-distance expedition paddles. Our OPEN PROGRAM creates a leisurely environment to allow men and women time on the water to gain more experience. SKILLS TRAINING allows us to focus on advanced techniques in the canoe including stroking, steering and navigating. And finally, we offer a variety of LAND TRAINING opportunities throughout the year to maintain and/or enhance our conditioning while off the water. It is not uncommon to have paddlers attend several of these programs. The ultimate goal is to train safe and capable paddlers that can be an integral part of any team.