Training : Growth Program

Growth Program

The Growth Program is focused on creating a strong foundation. It is open to all paddlers ranging from those who have just taken their first novice session to seasoned paddlers who want to focus on fundamentals. The premise of this program is to work on technique and getting familiar with all of the nuances of outrigger paddling.

Focus on Fundamentals

You will get the opportunity to sit in seats one through five so you can familiarize yourself with the unique responsibilities of each. We spend the season working on refining the basic techniques that were first touched upon in our Novice Program. This includes maximizing your power and efficiency in the stroke, how and when to call changes, how to pass commands between one another, how to paddle together and blend well, what to do if we flip the canoe, communicating in the canoe, etc. Our coaches and growth mentors try to establish a positive learning environment where participants of all skill levels are free to ask questions without the pressure of feeling like they are holding others back. At the same time, our coaches try to push the boundaries of each paddler so they can continue to improve.

Intraclub Races and Epic Paddle

Throughout the season, we urge many of our growth paddlers to participate in our 6-mile intraclub races.  These friendly competitions help to give our growth paddlers the opportunity to apply what they have learned under the pressures of a race environment. At the end of the season, we offer a variety of more advanced sessions by doing paddles in rough and complicated water as well as a seat in a long-distance Epic Paddle of 15 miles or more. This gives them the opportunity to thoroughly test out their paddling gear as well as their mental and physical capacities in a variety of challenging situations.

The ultimate goal of the Growth Program is to give the instruction and experience needed for people to become strong, confident and safe paddlers.

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