Training : Land Training

In addition to our broad range of programs we have on the water, we also offer a variety of Land Training opportunities designed to carry us through the off-season or to supplement our on-water routine. The intent is to allow all of our members to have the opportunity to be active all year round.

PaddleHARD NYO Bootcamp

This circuit training class was designed by personal trainer Jason White specifically for New York Outrigger. As an off-season program, it keeps paddling muscles strong and prepared, and allows us to engage in general conditioning challenging enough to make athletes more competitive when the season starts up again. During the season, the course adjusts to act as a cross-training program so that our paddlers can have a well-rounded and balanced routine.

Classes are open to NYO members at a discounted rate and are held Friday evenings at Elysium Fitness, 117 West 72nd Street at Columbus Avenue. Please contact Keith Tsang for more information.

S&M+K CircuitMax


CircuitMax was created by NYO coaches Suesa Iopu, Mark Sekita and Keith Tsang to maintain paddlers’ physical conditioning in the off season and to supplement their on-water training during the season. The class takes participants through a number of different body-resistance workouts designed to improve overall fitness and cardio.

CircuitMax is free and open to all NYO members. Modifications of different exercises are shown to increase/decrease difficulty, depending on individual fitness level.