Training : Race Program

Race Program

For those with a more competitive spirit, we offer our Race Program. The program has divisions for Men, Women, Masters and Mixed Elite. The focus is on team blending through advanced drills and technique training, along with long distance practices and sprints to build speed, endurance and efficiency. The program is meant to rigorously condition our members to perform at their maximum potential when it is needed the most.

Men’s and Women’s Program

Open to people of all ages who are competition driven and focused on improving technique and building physical fitness. Coaches will help to identify the strengths of each paddler and give them the opportunity to hone their skills for specific seats in the canoe. Paddlers will have the opportunity to paddle together and work on overall blend. The emphasis in these paddles are developed for paddlers who are looking at participating in iron races of 15 miles or less.

Masters Program

This practice is a mixed practice for competitive paddlers age 40 and above who are looking to compete in iron races of 15 miles or less in the division of masters (40-49), senior masters (50-59) or golden masters (60+).

Mixed Elite Program

This program is developed for the competitive paddler looking to take their fitness and ability to the highest level. Paddlers in this division have committed to train both on and off the water for national and international long-distance iron and change races including Moloka’i Hoe and Na Wahine O Ke Kai (Moloka’i to Oahu, Hawaii), Catalina Crossing (California), Blackburn Challenge (Massachusetts), Pailolo Challenge (Maui to Moloka’i, Hawaii) and Hawaiki Nui Va’a (Tahiti).